Connecting the Dots can be difficult, right?  There is often so much to think about and so much to do with a business, organization, ministry or just walking or living out your purpose and vision.

Ashby & watts consulting is committed to making the process of marketing, branding, strategy and management simple.  With strategic listening and input we help individuals, organizations, ministries and businesses find their voice and use their resources to thrive and grow

We listen. We brainstorm. We strategize. 



Marketing Strategy

Marketing is telling your story in a concise and powerful way to your ideal audience. However, often brand owners are unaware of the right story and their ideal audience. We help our clients know their auidence and tell their stories.

Brand Strategy

Each student has access to the best possible learning technologies, as well having guest classes from industry professionals. We believe this better prepares your child for their careers or own businesses.

Goal Setting/Time Management

We believe in equipping your children with the skills to be able to learn for the rest of their lives! By instilling in them a method of analytical thinking, we believe they will be able to be independent thinkers and be high performers in their chosen careers.

What other brand owners say

I received so much clarity about my next steps to raise my profile and my brand. I was given assignments to implement my marketing and branding. I was so surprised that they worked. I was actually stopped in a store and was told that I was “famous.” I appreciated the guidance I received from my branding sessions.

― N. Woods, NataWoods & Friends

The patience and guidance shown to me while working out my branding and marketing plan was so helpful. Lee has always been flexible and shown excellent client service. I have used her for both my personal brand and for marketing and branding for my organization.

― Felecia Pearson Smith

Our Success

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Since we opened in 2015, we have conducted over 150 brand clarity reports to help business owners and leaders develop their brand clarity and strategy.

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If our clients don’t succeed and find clarity with their brand, then we haven’t done our job.

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We have specialized in helping authors launch and release their books and brands. It has been amazing to see the words come to life and penetrate their target audiences.

Can we Help you?

We will help you connect the dots with the following services:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Branding Plans
  • Social Media Plans
  • Strategy Consultations
  • Public Relations
  • Business Launch Guidance
  • Workshops and Training
  • Client Service Training

If you are looking for clarity and connection with your vision, feel free to contact me or schedule a brainstorming session with me.