Making the Most of Your Website

So you’ve started your new company or organization? One of the very first things a new business owner or leader often chooses to do is create a website.  A good website is a valuable way to communicate the company brand, values, services and vision to the world. However, for both small businesses and large companies, websites are often stagnant and invaluable soon after development.  Many hours and countless dollars are spent on developing a website, yet few develop a strategic plan for the website after its deployment.

In the next few blog posts, I will offer practical ideas on how to make your website work for you long after the launch of the website.

Make Your Website Interactive.

As you develop your website, think about the experience you would like a visitor to have with your brand. What do you want them to “feel” when visiting your website? How long do you want them to stay?  What actions would you like them to take after visiting your website? As you define those areas, think about elements to add to your website to help create the experience, feeling and action item for the visitor.  For example, a survey or quiz may make the user feel heard or entertained. A video may provide the opportunity for a potential customer or client to learn more about your services.

The Connection: Think about your audience and what you want them to do or know after visiting your website. 

For more information on how to maximize the use of your website and develop a strategic plan for your company, please contact ashby & watts consulting.

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