Rising Above the Noise

The competition is fierce.  So many organizations and businesses are clamoring to be seen and heard.  However, with digital media, social media and the many networking events and advertisements, how does a business, organization or writer rise above noise?

Below are five practical ways you can stand out and gain the attention of your audience.

  • Be a Thought Leader. I cannot stress enough how important it is to establish yourself as an authority and leader in your industry.  You must gain knowledge of your topics and specialty areas and then TELL other about it.  And tell them often.  It is not enough that you know a lot about a topic and confident in your field.  If you are not showing and telling your audience about how much you know, you are missing out on clients, customers, members and relationships.  Thought leadership is done by blogging, podcasts, videos, articles, etc. There are many ways to do this and EVERY business should have a plan to do this.
  • Know the Your Audience This is the biggest strategy tactic in any marketing endeavor.  If you know the burdens, challenges and problems of your clients and target audience, you can address how to handle those challenges in your marketing strategy.  This will immediately get the attention of your specific audience.
  • Choose Your Outlets. Social media is important.  However, depending on your target audience, it is not necessary for you to be on every social media network. If your audience is not there, don’t worry about being there. Decide which network will work for your business and then do your best to market your business or organization on that network.  Create a strategy and target your audience.  Strategy includes knowing the timing of your posts, using hashtags appropriately and creating online ads, and much more.
  • Underserved or Overlooked. When thinking about your business or organization, is there an aspect that can address the underserved or overlooked?  Is there a creative way to address a need of another group or unique interest?  If so, consider focusing your marketing on that aspect of the business.
  • Be Personable. People connect with humanity. People want to do business, follow and connect with people that they like. Therefore in your marketing strategy, be sure to show the human side of what you offer.  Your personality or the personality of your staff, board or company will help to differentiate your company and rise above the crowd.

If you are interested in rising above the crowd and the noise, please contact me for practical ways to focus your marketing and increase your audience.

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