The Power of Storytelling in Branding & Marketing

Many of us love a good story.  We can be easily drawn in by the imagery, details and the rhythm of a story.  Stories tug at our emotions and draw us into a person, place or situation.  This is one of the reasons why storytelling is powerful in marketing and branding.  It helps your audience relate to your vision and mission.  People purchase and follow authentic stories.  Developing your story, as you develop and market your brand, is critical and breathes life into your brand.  It is what we often refer to as emotional storytellingbranding.  It gives a personal connection to your brand.

Below are some key points in storytelling in branding and marketing.  If you need further assistance with developing clarity, please feel free to call me:

  • Know Your Why. If you are an entrepreneur, you have heard this many times.  Don’t gloss over the process of knowing and gaining clarity on your why.  It is important to your overall story and helps demonstrate authenticity.  Do not make up a story; however, dig deep and ask yourself “why am I doing this?  What makes me happy about doing this?”
  • It’s Not Just About the Words. Colors, images and logos also tell a story.  Think about the great brand of Apple. It is about simplicity, both in how they operate and market.  They website, logo, colors, even Steve Jobs only wore one color.  Think about everything you allow your audience and followers to see and experience. This includes your events, podcasts and social media.  What is the story?
  • Develop Your Tone. As much as I would love to be, I am not a funny person.  Therefore, I don’t write my story like I am funny, I don’t try to be someone I am not.  My tone is casual, yet professional.  I seek to write clearly and simply.  I know my tone.  I’m aware of the brand I want to build, therefore, I build my story with that in mind.
  • Give Them Something to Do. Just like any other story, there are various parts to a story.  There is an introduction (set-up), the climax or conflict, and then the happy ending.  However, with branding, you also must give your audience a call to action.  You must give them something to do after they know your story.
  • Use Testimonials. Testimonials are powerful.  People who know your story and your why, or others that share the same story and walking the journey with you, can help contribute to the story.

If you need assistance developing your story, please contact me. Perhaps your company is already up and operating and your brand is already developed, keep in mind that as your brand grows or evolves, so will your story.  Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

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