What’s So Special about Instagram Stories?

So, have you taken advantage of the latest features of Instagram and Facebook Stories.  There has been a huge increase in viewership and use of the “Stories” features on Facebook and Instagram.  As a brand owner, you should find ways to make it work for you.  (Key point: always notice trends and think of how to use it for your brand.)  How can a small business, or solopreneur use this feature to increase their marketing and branding?

Below are 6 ways to use Stories for your branding and marketing:

1.) Authenticity:  Authenticity is key to growing your brand.  Your audience wants to

Instagream Stories

connect with you.  With Stories, you can provide behind the scenes photos or videos of your product or work, or provide a tour of your office space or business.  But don’t limit it to just your business.  What are other aspects of your life that are connected to your business and brand that you can also highlight?  Use Stories to add more authenticity to your brand.

3.) Ask Questions: Instagram has a poll feature.  What questions are you dying to ask your followers?  Simple questions that can give you more insights on future products, services or trends?  Aside from learning more about your followers, it is yet another way to connect with your audience.  People like being asked their opinion.  Use the poll feature to connect to your audience and gather more opinions.

4.) Give More Value: Do you know why they choose you and follow you?  What do they like about you?  Whatever that is – give them more of it in Stories.  Teach or talk about an important piece of your business.  Show them how to do something that will make their lives easier.  This will keep them clicking on your stories.

5.) Give them Directions:  What do you want your audience to do?  What do you need more of to grow you brand?  Use the  Stories feature to tell them.  Often as brand owners, we expect our audience to know what to do. But Stories is a great way to point your audience in the right direction.  Call to Actions (CTA’s) are great in Stories.  If you want them to click on the link and buy or register, tell them.  If you want them to listen, tell them and show them.  If you want them to watch your video, lead the way.

6.) Gain more followers:  On Instagram, always use hashtags!  Hashtags and IG go together. It helps create and pulls together your community and followers.  In addition to using hashtages, have fun with the colors, arrows, gifs and the other cool features of Instagram.

These are small things that you are most likely doing already as part of your marketing and branding.  The key is to take it to Stories and do in consistently.  The key is to not overthink it.  Keep it fun, simple, inspiriting and entertaining. You will slowly begin to see your audience increase and your current followers become more engaged with your brand.

If you need assistance with using IG or help with your branding or marketing, feel free to contact me.

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