6 Ways You Can Implement Digital Marketing Immediately

I recently shared a quote on my IG (if you are not following me, click here so we can follow each other) about leaving money on the table if you are not using digital or online marketing. That can seem shocking or a bit dramatic. However, it is absolutely true. If you are business or looking to increase your personal brand, showing up online should be a critical piece of your marketing mix.

Digital marketing can sound intimidating and a bit much, however, it can be comprised of various initiatives and activities. Not all of them require special expertise. The goal is to just get started doing it … with some strategy, of course. Below are some ideas for digital marketing and how you can show up better online.

Advertising: If you have a brand or business, doing advertising or a boost on a post may provide you with the visibility you need.
Email Marketing: Social media can’t be the only way you reach your clients and customers. Be sure to reach out to them via email and stay top-of-mind by providing value.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization: is your website attracting the right audience and doing what you need for it to do?
Content Creation: Thought leadership through creating content on podcasts, blogs, etc. is the perfect way to create trust and credibility with your audience.
Retargeting: Who is watching you online and clicking on your content? How can you strategically keep them coming back and ready to buy?
Social media marketing: Most of us are doing some sort of social media marketing. I encourage you to make sure you are doing it properly and with strategy.

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