Are You Breaking Those Glass Ceilings

We are nearly thirty days into the new year! And what a first 30 days it has been! We continue to battle through a worldwide pandemic, as well as witness racial tensions and challenges. But we also watched with awe and amazement some inspiring moments for women in leadership. We watched the first woman become Vice President of the United States. How amazing!

This, in addition to watching a host of other women start and grow their businesses, climb corporate, academic and political ladders remind us of what we are capable of being and what we can we accomplish.

More than anything, it is a reminder of how big we can dream. That we can break the glass ceiling.

What is the glass ceiling? It is those impenetrable positions, tables and rooms to the vast majority of minorities and women. It is real. It is shocking. The numbers tell us: For example, only 10% of women in leadership in the workplace. Women make up only 23% of C-Suites. Women of color make up 4% of C-Suites. Women make up 4.1% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

So how do we keep cracking and breaking through the ceiling? Here are a few of my recommendations. You may have some additional thoughts of your own that I would love to hear. Be sure to email me or comment below with more.

Tips for Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

Ask for Feedback: How many of us take out the time to ask our colleagues and supervisors for feedback. Not just when its time for reviews, but throughout the year?

Stretch Your Mindset. As we are climbing the ladder and breaking ceilings, we must know our worth and what we bring to the table. When asked, be ready. Know your value. Your complete value – the “resume-able” stuff and the emotional intelligence value, as well.

Find a Champion. Mentors are great, but you also need a champion. Someone who will fight for you behind closed doors. We all need that person who is also looking for opportunities for you to shine and grow.

Know what You Want… and Ask for it. Do you know what you want? Often we don’t really know what we want and therefore we are not ready to ask for it. Know what you want with specificity.

Don’t Focus on the Ceiling. What we focus on grows. If we continually focus on what holds us back or the challenges – it gives more power to our growth. Focus and visualize your best life and circumstances. Give more attention to the life you want and not the challenges.

Leverage Your Brand. Of course I can’t end this without reminding everyone to work on your personal branding. Who are you and what do you want to be known for? Be sure to understand and know your brand, then consistently communicate it to your community.

Now… are you ready? Ready to break some glass? I want to hear how you are breaking glass ceilings in your world! Let me know so that I can highlight you and your business in my next issue.

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