Are You Mastering Your Personal Brand?

We all have a personal brand. Your stamp. Your reputation. Your lasting impression. Sometimes we are completely unaware of the personal brand we have developed. In order to grow professionally and even personally, knowing your brand and controlling it is key.

Just like a company differentiates itself to stand out from its competitors by identifying and articulating its unique value proposition, you should do the same.

I know you are thinking …
Do I really need to worry about my personal brand?
I don’t have time to worry about my personal brand.
Here are a few tips on how to manage your personal brand:

1.) Google Yourself: How often do you Google yourself? Do you know what your online story says about you?

2.) Create a Web Presence: If you are not seeing what you like about yourself online, create your own website with your name, resume or bio, and professional pictures. Use this website to help share your story and brand.

3.) Be Clear on Your USP: Yep, your Unique Selling Proposition. What is unique and special about you? What sets you apart from others? What is your differentiator? Your magic?

4.) Share Content/Thought Leadership: Whatever is special about you, your magic, your USP – how are you sharing that with the world? This is the key to developing your personal brand.

5.) Know How You Will Share It: This is where your social media presence kicks in. Or you may decide on a newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel, or another platform. How will you share your personal brand?

There are soooo many more tips on developing your personal brand.

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