Podcast: Yes, Blogging is Still Effective!

I am often asked if blogging is still effective. The answer is YES. In this podcast, I provide 3 tips on how to make your blogs more effecitve. if you have any questions about blogging or need to develop a strategy for your content, feel free to contact me at lee@ashbyandwatts.com  

Podcast: Creating a Connection With Your Audience

So often we get discouraged when our followers are small, the mailing list numbers are low, there are few likes or engagement in social media. However, we can still have an amazing impact when we make a good connection with our audience. In my podcast today, I share 3 ways to have an impact withContinue reading “Podcast: Creating a Connection With Your Audience”

Are You Listening & Watching?

The Power of Listening to Your Clients Many companies have excellent services or products.  I also see amazing brands, with great taglines, logos and sales pages.  However, no matter how great your product or service, if you are not listening to your clients and customers to discover their needs, your business will only go soContinue reading “Are You Listening & Watching?”

Marketing Challenges for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, we can get pulled in so many different directions. There are challenges that will distract you on this entrepreneurial journey.  In this article, I will highlight just a few marketing challenges for entrepreneurs and new business owners. Not knowing your audience: So many people start businesses based on their passions and strengths. Continue reading “Marketing Challenges for Entrepreneurs”

Dazzle Them with The Experience

Do you provide great customer service or a great client experience? Do you have a business, restaurant or store that you enjoy visiting or supporting?  It may because of the products they sell, or it could simply be how the establishment makes you feel when you visit  Our emotions and our experiences play a hugeContinue reading “Dazzle Them with The Experience”

To Thine Self Be True: Niche Marketing

One of the foundations to any marketing and branding plan is to know your audience.  I cannot stress it enough.  Knowing your target audience is critical for many reasons, including knowing exactly how to speak and market to your audience.  Many people often fear that if that you get too specific or have too narrowContinue reading “To Thine Self Be True: Niche Marketing”