Are You Breaking Those Glass Ceilings

We are nearly thirty days into the new year! And what a first 30 days it has been! We continue to battle through a worldwide pandemic, as well as witness racial tensions and challenges. But we also watched with awe and amazement some inspiring moments for women in leadership. We watched the first woman become Vice President of the United States. How amazing!

This, in addition to watching a host of other women start and grow their businesses, climb corporate, academic and political ladders remind us of what we are capable of being and what we can we accomplish.

More than anything, it is a reminder of how big we can dream. That we can break the glass ceiling.

What is the glass ceiling? It is those impenetrable positions, tables and rooms to the vast majority of minorities and women. It is real. It is shocking. The numbers tell us: For example, only 10% of women in leadership in the workplace. Women make up only 23% of C-Suites. Women of color make up 4% of C-Suites. Women make up 4.1% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

So how do we keep cracking and breaking through the ceiling? Here are a few of my recommendations. You may have some additional thoughts of your own that I would love to hear. Be sure to email me or comment below with more.

Tips for Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

Ask for Feedback: How many of us take out the time to ask our colleagues and supervisors for feedback. Not just when its time for reviews, but throughout the year?

Stretch Your Mindset. As we are climbing the ladder and breaking ceilings, we must know our worth and what we bring to the table. When asked, be ready. Know your value. Your complete value – the “resume-able” stuff and the emotional intelligence value, as well.

Find a Champion. Mentors are great, but you also need a champion. Someone who will fight for you behind closed doors. We all need that person who is also looking for opportunities for you to shine and grow.

Know what You Want… and Ask for it. Do you know what you want? Often we don’t really know what we want and therefore we are not ready to ask for it. Know what you want with specificity.

Don’t Focus on the Ceiling. What we focus on grows. If we continually focus on what holds us back or the challenges – it gives more power to our growth. Focus and visualize your best life and circumstances. Give more attention to the life you want and not the challenges.

Leverage Your Brand. Of course I can’t end this without reminding everyone to work on your personal branding. Who are you and what do you want to be known for? Be sure to understand and know your brand, then consistently communicate it to your community.

Now… are you ready? Ready to break some glass? I want to hear how you are breaking glass ceilings in your world! Let me know so that I can highlight you and your business in my next issue.

Clarity Comes With Action

Hey Friends…

There is a quote:

“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”

Clarity comes from action. Whether it is the right move, or the wrong one. We see and understand more clearly once we begin to move in a direction. Try and fail. Start and test. Action.

As we are head into the third quarter of the year, we have just a few more weeks and Quarter 1 will be over! Can you believe it?

Now may be the time you need a little clarity about your branding, marketing or get clear on the next steps with your business.

Or you may just need a creative brainstorming session. My favorite thing to do. I am here for it!

You don’t want to head into the next quarter unsure or unclear of the message, story, or strategy you want to use moving forward. Let’s clear it up now. Let’s develop a strategy. Let’s get some ideas for your business and your next level!

Prepare for the Fourth Quarter… Now!

Hey Friends…

It’s a new month! And…we are quickly heading into the final quarter of the year and into the fall season. Although I am a summer – August baby, I absolutely love the fall season. It reminds me of the spring season; people are reassessing their goals and priorities and deciding how they want to end the year.

I know you are thinking …

1.) How I will end the year with my business goals?
2.) Should I do more marketing in the 4th quarter?
3.) What can I do now to prepare for next year?

Here are a few things you may consider with your business and marketing as you head into the next season and final quarter:

1.) Review Your Analytics: Now is a time to review your KPIs and analytics and benchmark where you are and how you want to improve before the end of the year. Perhaps some areas are not as strong and it’s time to reassess your strategy.

2.) Holiday Season: Do you have a strategy for the holiday season? What will you sell? How will you engage your customers/clients?

3.) Stay Top of Mind: The final quarter of the year is a busy time. Social media feeds are flooded with advertisements and calls to action. How will you stand out? How will stay top of mind?

4.) Take Care of Loyal Clients: Are you taking care of your referrals and your favorite customers and clients? The end of the year is a great time to show appreciation for your clients. Create a plan!

I hope this was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more tips on an end-of-the-year strategy!

Are You Mastering Your Personal Brand?

We all have a personal brand. Your stamp. Your reputation. Your lasting impression. Sometimes we are completely unaware of the personal brand we have developed. In order to grow professionally and even personally, knowing your brand and controlling it is key.

Just like a company differentiates itself to stand out from its competitors by identifying and articulating its unique value proposition, you should do the same.

I know you are thinking …
Do I really need to worry about my personal brand?
I don’t have time to worry about my personal brand.
Here are a few tips on how to manage your personal brand:

1.) Google Yourself: How often do you Google yourself? Do you know what your online story says about you?

2.) Create a Web Presence: If you are not seeing what you like about yourself online, create your own website with your name, resume or bio, and professional pictures. Use this website to help share your story and brand.

3.) Be Clear on Your USP: Yep, your Unique Selling Proposition. What is unique and special about you? What sets you apart from others? What is your differentiator? Your magic?

4.) Share Content/Thought Leadership: Whatever is special about you, your magic, your USP – how are you sharing that with the world? This is the key to developing your personal brand.

5.) Know How You Will Share It: This is where your social media presence kicks in. Or you may decide on a newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel, or another platform. How will you share your personal brand?

There are soooo many more tips on developing your personal brand.

If you need a consultation or personal branding session – be sure to click here to set up a branding session today.

6 Ways You Can Implement Digital Marketing Immediately

I recently shared a quote on my IG (if you are not following me, click here so we can follow each other) about leaving money on the table if you are not using digital or online marketing. That can seem shocking or a bit dramatic. However, it is absolutely true. If you are business or looking to increase your personal brand, showing up online should be a critical piece of your marketing mix.

Digital marketing can sound intimidating and a bit much, however, it can be comprised of various initiatives and activities. Not all of them require special expertise. The goal is to just get started doing it … with some strategy, of course. Below are some ideas for digital marketing and how you can show up better online.

Advertising: If you have a brand or business, doing advertising or a boost on a post may provide you with the visibility you need.
Email Marketing: Social media can’t be the only way you reach your clients and customers. Be sure to reach out to them via email and stay top-of-mind by providing value.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization: is your website attracting the right audience and doing what you need for it to do?
Content Creation: Thought leadership through creating content on podcasts, blogs, etc. is the perfect way to create trust and credibility with your audience.
Retargeting: Who is watching you online and clicking on your content? How can you strategically keep them coming back and ready to buy?
Social media marketing: Most of us are doing some sort of social media marketing. I encourage you to make sure you are doing it properly and with strategy.

Knowing Your Core Values as a Brand

Life and business have been super busy “post-pandemic.”  

So many of us have transformed and changed during the pandemic; either really digging deep in our businesses or deciding to go in a different direction. Regardless, I hope wherever life is taking you, you are cherishing it.

Over the past few months, I have discovered the set of core values for my business. Wow!  It has been so enlightening and brought so much clarity to how I operate my business and define my goals.  I’ve included my core values below. 

Click on this video to watch me discuss how my Core Values have helped me in my business. 

If you need help creating your Core Values for your business or team, please contact me for a session.