Tips & Tricks to Facebook

Facebook. It is still around and still relevant, specifically for a specific age group or brands that have significant content.  This social media platform continues to be the standard.  However, like other social media platforms, the algorithms continue to change and throw us off.  If you have a brand, business page or fan page, knowingContinue reading “Tips & Tricks to Facebook”

Marketing Challenges for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, we can get pulled in so many different directions. There are challenges that will distract you on this entrepreneurial journey.  In this article, I will highlight just a few marketing challenges for entrepreneurs and new business owners. Not knowing your audience: So many people start businesses based on their passions and strengths. Continue reading “Marketing Challenges for Entrepreneurs”

To Thine Self Be True: Niche Marketing

One of the foundations to any marketing and branding plan is to know your audience.  I cannot stress it enough.  Knowing your target audience is critical for many reasons, including knowing exactly how to speak and market to your audience.  Many people often fear that if that you get too specific or have too narrowContinue reading “To Thine Self Be True: Niche Marketing”