Strategies for Making Time for Marketing

One of the most common complaints I hear from entrepreneurs and brand owners is the lack of time they have for marketing and branding.  Marketing is so voluminous – I believe that many people get overwhelmed with the many aspects and options in marketing and its easier to become paralyzed and resort to inactivity, thanContinue reading “Strategies for Making Time for Marketing”

Making Magic 9-5 and 5-9

The balance of employee vs. entrepreneur I come across people every week that are trying to balance between launching their dreams and still working as a good employee.  How does one balance it all?  Do you abandon your dreams and stick with your 9-5? Do you quit your full-time job and go for it? ItContinue reading “Making Magic 9-5 and 5-9”

Recharge Your Marketing for 2017

Time is moving so quickly! Can you believe we are halfway through the year? Where are you on your goals for the year? Many of us may be disappointed with our progress, but now is not the time to get discouraged. Instead you have to get busy! Below are a few tips in jumpstarting yourContinue reading “Recharge Your Marketing for 2017”

Are You Mentally Tough?

Happy Spring! I hope that you all have have been enjoying the first glimpses of Spring. Some of you are still experiencing some cold weather.  During my busy time, my head has been swirling with so many marketing and branding topics and issues. However, this month, I want to focus more on a leadership issue.  Since starting thisContinue reading “Are You Mentally Tough?”