“Lee is an amazing resource for all of your marketing needs.  Her versatility runs from high level development of your marketing strategy to the tactical of how to execute a specific campaign, event, or media blitz.   To drive your business’s success, you need strong marketing.   You can rely on Lee’s consulting expertise to deliver exceptional results for your organization.”
– Tina Bennett

941345_10200781097477103_1185846563_n“So many of us have dreams and want to fulfill our purpose in life. Ashby and Watts has been a vehicle for me in showing me how to make my dream a reality. I found that it does not matter where you are in the process of realizing your full potential, Lee steps in and listens, discerns what is needed and then guides you to reaching your potential. Many of us know that our dots need connecting, but we don’t know where to start. Lee’s business has helped me in knowing where to start and not to get get lost along the way.”
Felecia Pearson Smith, Metamorphosis Leads, Inc.

aaa111“ashby & watts came to my company by way of knowing Levitica.  Although I have known Levitica for over twenty five years, witnessing her professionalism while helping me build my brand and my business has been a grateful experience.  Her experience in marketing and business development has left me and my team wide eyed and excited for the next task.  Ashby and Watts persistence in completing the job and remaining on task is priceless and I look forward to seeing what opportunities will open in the future for ashby & watts.”
-Rita Yates, Ydecorate

“When I first began to work with ashby & watts I needed marketing ideas for a new book. Lee was exceptional in giving me several ideas to catapult my book to a higher level in terms of branding and etching out my own individualism.  She’s well versed in the public relations arena as well.  The thing that stood out  the most for me is that Ms. Watts loves what she does, therefore the energy level that she puts into each project is top notch. Last but not least she treats her clients like “people” not just another customer.”
-Linda K. Lee
Lee and Lee Productions

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